Baby Barrier Pool Fences California

Why choose Baby Barrier Pool Fences?

  • Be Safe and Secure:In business since 1963. Almost 50 years. Which means we will be around.
  • We have a 100% safety record for almost 50 years!!!!
  • 100% Made in USA. Others may say made in US but they are really from China and are only assembled here.
  • We have the (tested and approved) strongest fence. Almost double the ASTM standards.
  • Longest Lasting Highest Quality Pool Fence in the World.
  • We are the Only CA Contractor specifically Licensed for Safety Pool Fencing.
  • We use the highest Quality High tech tools available.
  • 30″ pole centers, not the standard 36′ pole centers like our competitors. 20% more poles, more stability.
  • Custom Neoprene Baby Barrier end caps offer lifetime performance, not rubber like our competitors.
  • Exclusive Double Reinforced Bindings at the top and bottom of each panel.
  • Highest quality PVC coatings outlast all competitor fences, Lifetime Warranty.
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